NEW **Tumblr**NEW

I have a Tumblr too!

I post everything there that I post here, plus less refined doodles and quick comics. (Including some based on my University experiences).  I’ll also be taking requests and suggestions. It may have comics on unsavoury topics, like sex. (Read: MOM DON’T GO ON MY TUMBLR. YOU EITHER JAKE.)

You can ALSO contact me directly through there and supply any of the following:

  • criticisms (eg. You draw outside the lines sometimes)
  • comments (eg. I noticed that you draw outside the lines sometimes, but that’s ok)
  • suggestions/requests (eg. Try not drawing outside the lines sometimes/Draw me a picture without drawing outside the lines sometimes)
  • riddles (eg. I draw outside the lines sometimes, who am I?)
  • questions (eg. Why do you sometimes draw outside the lines?)
  • confessions of love (eg. I love you for the way you draw outside the lines)

If that sounds boring as all hell, feel free to stay here. Otherwise, check this out (UNLESS YOU’RE MY MOM OR JAKE):

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