Pale legs

WARNING: There’s a gross eyeball thing in the following comic. If you’re like me and you hate things to do with eyeballs, (poking, stabbing, eyeballs being removed, glass eyes popping out, etc,) then maybe skip this one.
‘Hold on a minute’, you say. ‘If you, the artist, doesn’t like Eyeball Things, how could you put one in your comic? How could you draw it without passing out?’ Good question. It was difficult. But don’t say I never did anything for you. PaleLegsFinal

True Tale: Movie Theatre Quiz

One time I ventured out to see all the Oscar-nominated movies in theatres by myself. I went to this dinky theatre in a mall knowing the rooms would never be too full. When I went to see ‘Interstellar’, it was me, this guy, and about 4 other people. The aforementioned ‘guy’ was barking out the answers to that pre-movie multiple choice quiz on the screen. Below is a word-for-word artist’s rendering.



(The quiz was on a loop, and when it played the second time, he yelled the correct answers as if he’d known them all along. It was the last movie I saw alone.)