2 thoughts on “First Date

  1. my favourite book is moby dick, here some good tips:

    1. tell him your name. straight off the bat, just say “Call me [what you want him to call you].” fans of Moby Dick will understand this reference.

    2. talk about how much you hate whales and god.

    3. kill a sky-hawk poetically.

    4. learn all about the different kind of whales and then talk about them for a whole chapter. ignore whatever you’ve been talking about up until this point until you are finished.

    5. get a painting that foreshadows what will happen later on. so like. i guess a painting of people going on a successful date.

    6. refer to yourself in the third person while scaring the shit out of your crew.

    7. “it’s a metaphor for god” say this about everything even vaguely whale-shaped.

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