Eavesdropping: Canada Day

One Canada Day, me and my boyfriend at the time were deathly ill with the worst summer cold we’d ever had. I lived near a University, so the majority of my street was up til the wee hours of the morning, intermittently setting off fireworks and slurring excerpts of  ‘O Canada’. We sat on my second floor balcony with tea and kleenexes, people-watching and being generally cantankerous. I started doodling snippits of what I heard from next door, and these are those doodles.

267212_157388724335031_5032815_n 269514_157466130993957_1408804_n

271089_157466160993954_5757341_n 270922_157466217660615_3262171_n

267496_157466237660613_6859865_n 260501_157466280993942_1391336_n

269810_157466317660605_6746010_n 269575_157466367660600_6200250_n

263150_157466394327264_7025079_n 267827_157467234327180_965453_n


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